Mock Multiple Mini Interviews 2014

20-21 December 2014

It is the Christmas holidays and yet some college students are feeling anxious - constantly refreshing their e-mails with their fingers crossed. Why, you ask? This is the time when interview offers to study in UK medical schools usually start to come in! Since there is a quota for international students set by the government, it is very competitive and difficult to receive an interview offer let alone an offer to study in a UK medical school. Therefore, MMI UK thought it would be very helpful to organise mock interviews to aid these students in their preparations.

On the 20th and 21st of December 2014, MMI UK hosted mock multiple mini interviews at Taylors College Sri Hartamas and Wisma ELM, HELP University in Kuala Lumpur. A total of 16 medical students volunteered their time to interview 65 applicants. Most of the applicants were college students from Taylors, HELP, KYUEM, KTJ, Sunway and more but there were also a few who had just finished their SPM. Even some who applied for dentistry rather than medicine benefited from this event.

There were 4 sessions on each day and in each session, there were 10 stations including 2 rest stations. The stations comprised of questions related to their personal statements and also tests of their knowledge on medical schools, ethics, health systems, communication skills, science and more (Questions can be found here). Applicants also had the opportunity to speak to medical students who are already studying in the UK/Ireland medical schools and gain insight into personal interview experiences.

The event was a great success and received positive feedback. One college student said,

“Good platform for Malaysian med students to connect, always refreshing to hear a fellow Malaysian’s perspective.”

It was amazing to hear that one boy flew from Kedah and a father drove his daughter all the way down from Penang for the experience. The volunteers too had a great time despite it being very tiring. Ying Jing Tan, a 2nd year medical student from UCL commented,

“It was nice to make new friends with fellow medical students and even though I was an interviewer, I too learnt from the experience and am more prepared to face future interviews.”

Thank you volunteers!

We hope to conduct this event again for the next cohort.

We wish all applicants the best of luck!

by Amanda Koh