Physiology Challenge 2015

28 February 2015

Last Saturday (28th Feb 2015) saw MMI UK host its very first event in the UK – the Physiology Challenge 2015. For the first time ever, we had both Malaysian and non-Malaysian medical students gathered under the same roof for this quiz. Held in Imperial College London with the support of Imperial College Malaysian Society, 8 teams of 3-5 participated in the quiz, totalling up to 50 attendees including committee members and the general audience.

The 8 teams: Gullibles Troubles, PyhsioLiv, Nott. Aureus, WuNadz, UCL, Sheffield Medics, Oakshott Otoconia and Not Only Medics participated in 2 quarter-finals, 2 semi-finals and 1 final round following the format below:


The teams were all neck-to-neck in points and left everyone watching the battle in anxiety. Eventually, team Sheffield Medics clinched the grand prize of £350 while Gullibles Troubles won the 1st runner-up prize of £150, and team WuNadz with the 2nd runner-up prize of £100.

We also invited two very esteemed speakers, namely Mr John Yap a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at The Heart Hospital, UCH London and specialises in the major aortic program there, and Dr Faizul Nizam from the Medical Profession Development Branch in the MOH of Malaysia.

Mr Yap gave a talk titled “6500 Miles from Home”, which entailed his life in the UK, his major interests in medicine and surgery, and his motivations and aspirations as a Malaysian working in the UK. Dr Faizul on the other hand compared two healthcare systems in a talk titled “Foundation Years in the UK vs Housemanship in Malaysia”. Using his experience in both the NHS and the Malaysian healthcare system, his talk allowed us to make an informed decision on whether to return from or remain in the UK, and when the best time would be in our level of training to return to Malaysia.

His slides can be found at this link:


He is happy to receive questions via his email at

Overall we feel that the event was a success, as our motto “To connect, educate and cultivate” was achieved:

  • Towards the end of the day, we saw teams taking photos with other teams, laughing and having friendly banter with one another, and all of us even went for tea at a nearby café.
  • Throughout the day, we learned new things from the quiz as explanations were given for every question asked.
  • And finally, we managed to cultivate the spirit of learning and improving our knowledge as doctors-to-be, which is essential in becoming good doctors.

MMI UK would like to thank everyone for participating, and we hope to see you in our future events! 


by Joanna Wong