MCKL Pre-Med Talk

18 August 2015

MMI UK accepted the Pre-med Society of MCKL's invitation to speak at an event which saw a turnout of over 60 eager students. This Q&A session provided these students with a platform to voice out their concerns regarding their pre-entry into medical school. The speakers kicked things off by briefly introducing themselves followed by a comprehensive summary on the application process, the UKCAT, and the interview process.

Topics that arose include the motivations behind opting for medical school, their experiences in medical school, the cost of medical school, ways to overcome stress, personal struggles, the differences between panel interview and multiple mini interviews, the differences between studying in Malaysia and the UK, scholarship opportunities, and general tips on surviving medical school.

The speakers signed off by leaving the participants with some words of encouragement but were reciprocally encouraged to note that many individuals had continue to approach them with questions well after the event. All in all, a successfull day for MMI UK.

by Hui Li