MMI UK included as Supreme Council Member of UKEC

4 November 2015

MMI UK was represented by Joanna Wong (President) and Christine Wong (Vice President) at UKEC's AGM on 31 October and 1 November 2015.

On day 1, a special motion titled "The inclusion of MMI UK as a Supreme Council member" was presented on the first day and was passed with no objections by the Supreme Councillors. We were henceforth officially Supreme Council members of UKEC!

On day 2, KPUM: United Kingdom & Eire Malaysian Law Students' Union proposed a motion for a new position of Non-Regional Chairperson in the UKEC Executive Council. Currently, there are 12 Regional Chairpersons representing Malaysian societies in their respective regions. However, non-regional UK-wide organisations (such as MMI UK, KPUM and MACFIS) have always been placed under the London region. Therefore, KPUM proposed a motion to have these organisations come under the jurisdiction of a new Non-Regional Chairperson, enabling them to possess better representation, relevance and voice at the Executive level in UKEC. This motion was unanimously passed by the Supreme Council.

Due to time constraints, the Non-Regional Chairperson was not elected at the AGM. Upon discussion between MMI UK and KPUM (MACFIS were not present), it was decided that UKEC will appoint a Non-Regional Chairperson upon the advice of these organisations which come under the new Non-Regional Chairperson. We will announce your new Non-Regional Chairperson as soon as UKEC appoints one!

Thank you all for your support, and we will endeavour to continue connecting and cultivating medical students around the UK.