Stressing out over the prospects of medical school interviews? MMI UK is proud to present InterviewPrep 2015!

We will provide mock interviews for all aspiring medical students in Malaysia wishing to study in the UK, hosted by the students of the universities of choice.
This year, we will be hosting two types of interviews:
1) Live Multiple Mini Interviews
2) Online Video Interviews


Live Multiple Mini Interviews (19 December @ Taylors College Subang Jaya):

1. Participants sign up with our online form: This does NOT yet confirm the spot of the participant.
2. The participant's spot is considered to be confirmed only upon receipt of a confirmation email.
3. A registration fee of RM20 MUST be paid within 48 hours from receipt of the confirmation email which will contain the payment link.
4. Failure to do so would cause the participant to lose his spot.
5. Upon payment, preparation notes will be sent to participants.
6. Spaces are EXTREMELY LIMITED so hurry up and sign up!

The mock multiple mini interview on the day will consist of 8 stations, each lasting 5 minutes. Each station will have several questions relating to a certain theme. The following themes will be asked:

  • • Medicine
  • • Ethics
  • • Personal Statement
  • • Communication Skills
  • • Health Systems
  • • Medical School
  • • Science
  • • Critical Thinking


Online Video Interviews:

1. Participants sign up with our online form:
Participants should state their university of choice.
2. The participant will be matched to an interviewer from the university of choice.
3. Once a match is made, we will request a registration fee of RM15.
4. Upon payment, preparation notes will be sent to participants.
5. The interviewer and interviewee will decide on the most appropriate time and date for the interview.
6. This online interview service can run as long as necessary.

Hope to see you guys there!


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