Happy 2016 to everyone, and we hope that all of you have been doing well in this new year!

MMI UK is proud to announce that we will be in partnership with SMSUK with the aim to aspire to inspire. This 13th of February, we are honoured to present the MMIxSMSUK Conference 2016 at University College London.

This conference aims to bring together passionate medics from the UK as well as from both sides of the causeway to enrich the knowledge of our fellow medics, regardless of nationality. Through this conference, we also hope to build a strong network between all medics from Malaysia and Singapore, and build a relationship that will last beyond our times in medical school and well into our working lives.

In this conference, we will have an exciting line up of speakers who have had an influence in the medical world, and they carry the wish that they would inspire you to make an impact in the future of medicine,

However, speaker profiles will only be released closer to the conference. But that is not as important as the fact that a few lucky students would be able to present their work right beside these speakers.

Student Corner Competition

This is the perfect chance for medical students currently doing a research project to present their findings to their peers as well as our esteemed speakers. Who knows, this might help you on the road to getting published.

We hope that you will take this chance to present your work, or suggest this program to your friends who might have a research project going on.

Once again, MMI UK and SMSUK are proud to be working together to bring you this conference, and we hope you will be a participant.