On the 13th of February 2016, Malaysian and Singaporean medical students gathered together for a series of talks from prestigious speakers. We were also thrilled to be in the presence of the High Commissioner of Singapore to the UK during the afternoon of the conference.

Our speakers spoke about a variety of topics in relation to healthcare and they included: 

  1. Ms. Ang Swee Chai (Making a Difference with Medical Aid Palestinian)
  2. Prof Marsha Morgan (The Genetics of Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol-Related Liver Disease)
  3. Prof Alexander Seifalian (Can We Order Human Organs Yet?)
  4. Prof Raanan Gillon (Ethics as the Inspiration of Medical Practice)
  5. Dr Oliver Keown (Innovation in Healthcare: Perspective from the Institute of Global Health Innovation)
  6. Dr Tim Lockie (Interventions during Acute Coronary Syndrome)
  7. Dr. Adli Ali (Differences Between Foundation Year in Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK)
  8. Dr. Anthony Ng (Differences Between Foundation Year in Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK)

Our students speakers, winners of our Student Corner Competition, included two second year medical students, Lim Mao Fong from King's College London with his topic, "Catharsis: Art, healing, and insight in mental health" and Toh Tzen Szen from the University of Sheffield with his topic, "Moonshot Thinking in Medicine". 

We had a wonderful time learning about the latest advancements in medicine and being exposed to new ideas relating to medicine. New friendships were forged and the committee members from both sides retired for the day grinning from ear to ear.

The conference aimed to bring together both Malaysian and Singaporean medical students studying in the UK to share their knowledge and experiences.

With an exciting line-up of speakers, we hope that horizons were broadened with regards to your future careers. This was not only achieved through inspiring talks by experts in medical research, but also through a forum regarding Foundation years in Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK.

From established professors to university students, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone involved. It was a pleasure to host everyone in London during a conference that was both productive and inspiring.

It remains a great hope of ours that better relations will be built upon this strong foundation, not only among Malaysians, but also with our friends from Singapore. We hope that you will build networks across the causeway that will last beyond medical school!