MMI UK Committee 2016/2017 Recruitment



Calling all Malaysian medics studying in the UK! 

MMI UK is currently recruiting a new council for the 2016/2017 term and this is your golden opportunity to challenge yourself, be a part of a wonderful team, create memorable university experiences and ultimately, make a difference in the Malaysian medics community.

We had a momentous and eventful year, successfully achieving our goals and growing by leaps and bounds. As MMI UK is still considered to be at its infancy, we wish to continue expanding our boundaries, increasing our presence throughout the UK, bringing more events, services and assistance to all of our members – the prospective and existing Malaysian medics – and even the wider public.

We need individuals who can bring fresh ideas to the table; individuals who possess a good understanding of the healthcare system; and most importantly - individuals who are simply willing to learn and are adaptable.


These are the posts available for the upcoming term along with their respective portfolios. The committee functions in a supportive manner, providing assistance to other council members whenever and wherever needed. Council members are not confined to this set of portfolios and there will be opportunities to lead initiatives and events throughout the year.

1. General Secretary

  1. Supports committee members in an administrative aspect.
  2. Ensures meetings within committee are effectively organized, keeping minutes/reports of meetings and events systematically.
  3. Aids in proofreading formal letters, emails and proposals to current/potential sponsors or stakeholders of MMI.
  4. Liaises with internal contacts and handle enquiries, all of which requires timely, efficient and accurate responses.
  5. Sends out newsletters to all MMI members in a timely manner and keeps committee members updated with upcoming MMI activities and events with regular reports.
  6. Maintains contacts database for the team, including all members, committee members and external organisations.
  7. Aids in event planning and takes charge of registration and attendance.

2. Finance Director

  1. Produces quarterly financial report.
  2. Manages and maintains the monetary accounts and assets owned by MMI UK.
  3. Ensures proper budget allocation throughout the year, minimizing cost of expenditure whenever and wherever possible.
  4. Reimburses members whenever necessary.
  5. Works closely with Sponsorship and Liaison Office to increase MMI UK’s funds.

3. Media & Design Office Executive

  1. Manages and updates all digital platforms of MMI UK website and Facebook efficiently.
  2. Keeps track of insights and improve reach.
  3. Designs posters for all events or infographics for resources and campaigns.
  4. Handles publicity of MMI UK.
  5. Determines overall branding and image of society.

4. Sponsorship and Liaison Office Executive

  1. Liaises with MMI Executive and other Country Councils to secure sponsorship deals.
  2. Constructs with sponsorship terms for the various levels of sponsorship from different industries.
  3. Becomes the Relationship Manager (RM) between MMI UK and the sponsoring company or organization.
  4. Establishes connections with external organisations to create various opportunities for MMI UK members.
  5. Works closely with Media team to improve MMI UK’s branding.

5. Events Office Executive

  1. Submit event proposals at the start of term.
  2. Plans and executes all MMI UK activities and events effectively throughout the year.
  3. Strategically plan the dates and venues to host the events.
  4. Takes charge of collaborations with external organisations.
  5. Initiates and runs all MMI UK campaigns.

6. University Ambassador Director

  1. Director of the University Ambassador Council.
  2. Sets Key Performance Index (KPIs) for the University Ambassadors to achieve throughout the year.
  3. Oversees all regional and internal events organized by University Ambassadors.
  4. Establish connections with Malaysian Doctors in the UK, acting as a bridge between them and our members.
  5. Provides organizational support and advice to University Ambassadors as well as other council members.
  6. Works closely with the other Executive Council Directors to become the link between Ambassadors and the Directors.

For more information regarding MMI’s aims, past events and campaigns, please refer to our About and News tabs.

Best of luck for your application!