MMI UK Connects

MMI UK Connects is a brand new initiative -- an alumni network designed to connect Malaysian doctors and medical students working and studying across the different regions of the UK.

MMI UK is a student-led organisation founded in 2013 with the aim of connecting, educating, cultivating and representing both current and prospective Malaysian medical students from all around the UK. We have grown tremendously in terms of recognition and are still in the midst of expanding our outreach. As part of our development, we are now releasing this unique platform with hopes of connecting doctors throughout the UK.

MMI UK Connects hopes to connect Malaysian doctors and medical students working and studying the UK. It presents an opportunity to network and organise social activities amongst doctors and/or students. We understand knowing there are fellow Malaysian doctors around your region can be reassuring as it offers a support system through tough times. 

As it is our core duty to support medical students, interested Malaysian medical students will be given access to join the Facebook group, and will have the opportunity to obtain advice, particularly on matters pertaining to medicine.

For ease of communication, we have created several Facebook groups, one for each group, or region of medical schools within the UK, as represented in the map below:

1. London
2. South West/Wales
3. Midlands
4. Scotland/Northern Ireland
5. North West

Feel free to invite any Malaysian doctors into these Facebook groups. It is our aim to connect every Malaysian in the medical profession across the UK. Alternatively, you can email them using this email template or link them to the Google form, both of which are linked on the right.

Google Docs

Google Forms

In a nutshell, we not only strive to address the needs and concerns of our members as best we can, but also to create an infallible support system that consists of pre-medics, medics and doctors. Should you have any enquiries or if you are interested, please drop us an email at, or find us on Facebook.



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