MMI UK-CEKU Collaboration!

MMI UK is proud to announce a brand new collaboration with CEKU, the editorial arm of UKEC. It runs an online student magazine for students passionate about Malaysian issues, with the mission to inspire thoughts, words and actions.

Over the past week, we shared some of our favourite articles from CEKU on our Facebook page. We hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as we did.

Interested in submitting your own article to CEKU? Have something to say?

Voice your opinions and share them with the world! Submit an article to us at, and see it published on the CEKU website for all to read! You are welcome to write your heart out – the possibilities are endless!

CEKU welcomes article submissions from students and non-students alike wherever you are. If you want to submit poems, pictures or videos, CEKU will be happy to publish them too!

To help you get started, we’ve summarised the CEKU article submission guidelines in the poster below.



For more information, check out CEKU at

Happy writing!

(Note: MMI UK reserves the right to publish articles at its discretion.)