MMI UK x SMSUK Conference 2017


Following the success of our conference last year, MMI UK teamed up with SMSUK once again to put together the MMI UK x SMSUK Conference 2017 which was held on 11 February 2017 at UCL.

Malaysian and Singaporean medical students were given an invaluable opportunity to gather at this intellectual platform, ready to be inspired by our fantastic line-up of speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Our conference was also graced by the presence of the High Commissioner of Malaysia and the First Secretary at the Singapore High Commission.

The thought-provoking topics that were presented by our speakers were in line with this year's theme of "Challenging Perspectives":

  1. Ashleigh Boyd (Diseases Modelling and Therapeutic Applications of Pluripotent Stem Cells in Diabetes)
  2. Tang Chun Hong (FY1 and Beyond: Bridging the Gap)
  3. Ian Radcliffe (Sports Innovation Challenge)
  4. Gavin Jell (From Nanoparticle Targeting Improved Medical Implants: Understanding and Controlling the Material- Biological Interface)
  5. Achala de Mel (Developments in 3D Printing and Opportunities for Medical Students)
  6. Burhanuddin Busu (Medical Humanitarian Work with Mercy Malaysia)
  7. Jude Oben (Obesity Induced Liver Disease- an Emerging Menace- What to Do?)

The two winners of this year’s Student Speaker Competition were also invited to present their winning topics at the conference:

  1. Low An Yee (Collectivism and Individualism: What Does This Mean for Healthcare?)
  2. Kedric Kwan (Fad, Fed and Fat: Challenging Perspectives of Fad Diets. The Myths We’ve Been Fed and The Real Key to Losing Fat)

We included a “Battle of the Specialties Forum” which comprised of a panel of 4 doctors who were keen to inspire young medics by sharing their thoughts and experience regarding their field of specialties. These doctors are:

  1. Burhanudin Busu - Traumatologist at King’s College Hospital
  2. Melissa Khoo - GP Trainee at Northwick Park Hospital
  3. Tang Chun Hong - Orthopaedic Trainee
  4. Zainab Kassim - Senior Clinical Fellow in Neonatology at King’s College Hospital

MMI UK also held a Bake Sale during registration and tea breaks in support of our MMI UK Gives initiative and all proceeds from the sale were given to 3 charity organisations- MSF, Worldwide Cancer Research, and UNICEF.

Through this conference, the friendship between MMI UK and SMSUK has been further strengthened and we hope that this will continue to last in the years to come. We hope that this conference has not only managed to encourage our attendees to have the courage to explore and embrace novel ideas in the medical field and beyond, but has also allowed new friendships to be forged amongst participants.

MMI UK would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to everyone involved in the conference and the lovely participants for supporting our event. For more photos of the event, please visit our gallery.