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This page is set up to keep Malaysian medical students more informed about the current changes in the junior doctor contract and immigration laws in the UK. Follow us for more information as developments continue.

Infographic #2

26th February 2016




Article #1

23rd February 2016

Download the PDF here.


Response to JDC/Visa

23rd February 2016

If you are an international medical student, this is important. Many of us dream of coming to the UK to train as a doctor, but now that dream is dying. In the past month, there have been proposed visa changes that will make it harder than ever to pursue postgraduate medical training in the UK. These include subjecting us to minimum salaries and to the Resident Market Labour test.

We need your views regarding the matter. Below is a short poll that will take no more than 3 minutes of your time. It gives you the chance to express your opinions regarding these recent issues. Results from this poll will be used to produce a statement showing what the international medical community really feel. It’s about time they heard us, don’t you think?

And please, share this with as many people as you can. The more people that respond, the louder we will be. Answer the poll, tell us how you feel, and your voice will be heard.

Infographic #1

21st February 2016

Not too long ago, MMI UK shared a post on how in April (2016) the Home Office and Theresa May are introducing a pay threshold of £35,000 for people to remain here, after already working here for 5 years.

MMI UK has mobilised a research team to gather all the information necessary and condensed it into a simple infographic to raise awareness regarding this issue.

We now present you with the first infographic on how the pay threshold will directly affect international medical students who wishes to remain in the UK to practice.

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