Had a bad day? Bad week? Or even a bad year?

Mental health is a major issue, but we often sweep it under a rug. We tell ourselves to forget and move on, rather than address it head on. We, international students, are at a much higher risk of facing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. But we rarely seek help for these problems.

This spring, MMI UK is going to stand by you. Our Send a Smile Campaign is aimed to do just that – bring a smile to your everyday life when maybe nothing else will.

Here’s how it’s going to work: every week, we are going to produce an infographic exploring different themes, alongside practical steps to help you lead a more positive life.

But that’s not just it! Every week, post a picture on Facebook or Instagram that’s related to the theme for the week. Hashtag it with ‪#‎MMIsmile‬. We’ll look through your excellent photos and pick the ones that we really like. With your permission, we’ll feature them on our website and our Instagram account!

Let’s destigmatise mental health and bring it out in the open. Join our campaign with your photos! We start on the 27th of March!

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